For those who are interested, here are some links connected to my interests, my activities and my love. There is more to come...

Radio Waves
For nearly 16 years, I was involved in the production of this monthly radio show featuring a mixture of electronic music, new age music, soundtracks, world music and ambient.
The show ceased to exist in June 2007, but the playlist, information and links are still online.

My name in the solar system
Space Exploration has always fascinated me. Thanks to NASA and ESA, I was able to send my name into space to several different places in the solar system. It can be found on DVDs on Mars, a CD on Titan, a microchip in space, and en route to Pluto. Follow the link for more details.

No more Plan
In 2006, Pluto lost its planetary status. On that occasion, the Planetary Radio Show held a competion and asked the audience to come up with something funny regarding this much debated decision.
I won the competition with the entry "No more Plan", which is an allusion to the 90s TV show "Nowhere Man".

Unicorn Museum
Religious fundamentalists probably are one of the greatest danger to mankind these days. An especially annoying bunch of people are those who deny the facts of evolution and replace them with pathetic fairy tales about "intelligent design". In an attempt to assemble what they consider as evidence for this nonsense belief system, they have erected a creation museum in the USA. The people of the radio show This Week in Science (TWIS) have pointed out that the evidence for intelligent design is on the same level as the evidence for the existence of Unicorns. Therefore, in early 2007, they held a competition, asking for a billboard design for a Unicorn Museum. I decided to create a whole Unicorn-museum-webpage instead, which in turn inspired the team of TWIS to come up with their own parody, which can be found here. They have done a great job although of course neither my version nor theirs can be more ridiculous than the real thing...

Gabriele Wasmer's Homepage
The website of Gabriele Wasmer: singer, composer, photographer, my wife, my love and my soul mate.