DVDs on Mars

Details about the Planetary Society's Red Rover goes to Mars DVDs:

The two DVDs are bolted to one of the petals of each Mars Exploration Rover lander. Each DVD carries nearly four million Mars enthusiasts’ names collected by NASA. The DVDs are made of silica glass rather than plastic so that they can withstand the high temperatures necessary to sterilize them of Earth microbes before they were sent to the Martian surface. Also, the silica glass has a much longer lifetime than typical commercial DVDs—in fact, the silica glass DVDs could last more than 500 years. The DVDs will remain on the lander as time capsules for a future generation.

Details about the DVD on the Spirit (MER-A) lander:
Date of Launch: 2003-06-10
Date of Landing: 2004-01-04 UTC
Currrent location: Mars, Gusev Crater

Details about the DVD on the Opportunity (MER-B) lander:
Date of Launch: 2003-07-08
Date of Landing: 2004-01-25 UTC
Current location: Mars, Meridiani Planum (Eagle Crater)


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Images: NASA/JPL/Cornell